5 Ideas To Make Your Home Sale Quicker

It’s obvious we are still in a Seller’s market – even with talks of inventory easing and interest rate hikes not materializing, the housing market for St Petersburg and the Gulf beaches still favors Sellers. Despite this, there are still some homes that have been on the market for too long, I recently worked with a buyer who looked at one home that seemed a good fit for her, but she needed to be convinced there were good reasons for it still being on the market after 20 days! Home Sellers and listing agents needs need to make every effort to sell or risk becoming damaged goods .

There are lots of things that can slow or completely derail a home sale,consider these five points as you put your home on the market:

Keep your home in show condition
If you looked around a store and saw items out of place, or a badly lit or dirty display, or a display that just doesn’t make sense, it would impact your buying decision. You’d think twice about buying, or decide to look at what other stores had to offer, especially if the price seemed a little high. This is the same feeling when prospective buyers view a house – take away the opportunity for second thoughts or “maybe we’ll continue shopping around”. Make sure your house is clean, tidy, uncluttered and well lit – easy to say but not always easy to stay on top of with kids and pets…but well worth the effort.

You can’t name your price
Just because you want it and you think your house is worth it, it doesn’t mean that others will agree with you and you’ll get what you want. There are a lot of factors in pricing a home from features and benefits to size to location to market conditions, competition and supply and demand. Work with a real estate agent who understands your market to come up with a price that nets you the most money possible whilst still being attractive to buyers. Don’t disappoint buyers by under delivering on their expectations, and ultimately disappoint yourself by not realizing the price you named.

Listen to feedback, but not too closely
Feedback helps you see your home through the eyes of a buyer. Buyers are typically opinionated about what they see and will share with their real estate agent. Your agent should be getting relevant feedback from buyers agents and passing this onto you. Some of this will just be opinions based on specific tastes and you’d be wise not to take it too seriously whether it is positive or negative! If you hear the same feedback several times over, then maybe you should take note and take action to address any negative points. Treat all feedback, positive or negative, as a gift!

Make it easy for buyers to choose your home
Even in a Seller’s market you have to work to entice buyers. Don’t refuse showings, no matter how short notice or inconvenient to you – this may be the only time a buyer can see your property, and that next buyer may be the one to offer you full price with few contingencies – don’t turn them away. The more people see it, the better your chance of getting what you want. Another opportunity to make it easier for buyers is to have answers to the always asked questions readily available – how old are the systems, how old if the roof, etc. Make sure you answer additional questions promptly. Buyers will be looking at other homes whilst they are waiting for answers from you, don’t let them find something else.

Work with your buyers on close date – they may want to close before you think you’ll be ready, or maybe you want a quicker close that they have offered. Listen to the reasons, state yours and see if you can both be satisfied. If you are getting a good
offer then maybe you can be more accommodating of their needs and take a short term rental, or move furniture into storage temporarily. There’s nearly always a solution!

If you are looking to buy or sell a single family home or condo in or around St Petersburg or on the Gulf Beaches then contact me, I’ll be pleased to help.