Tim is a successful realtor for St Petersburg, Bradenton and the Gulf Beaches.  Originally from Manchester England, Tim is a dedicated Broker Associate with Star Bay Realty in the Tampa Bay area.  Tim became licensed in 2016 following a successful career in senior positions for some of the largest corporations in America, and since then has helped buy and sell many properties across the Tampa Bay area.

He moved from a nationwide real estate brokerage to Star Bay Realty in 2018  so he could focus on client needs first. . .Read more


St Pete, Bradenton and Gulf Beaches Real Estate 

Welcome to St Pete, Bradenton and Gulf Beaches Real Estate – I hope you like it here, where I strive to provide the best real estate experience ever.   Tim Wood is a successful and experienced Broker Associate with Star Bay Realty and can provide you with a wide range of local real estate services.   Tim has experience and deep knowledge of real estate in Tampa Bay and south to Bradenton.  Here are just a few of the services provided,  contact Tim here if you would like to know more.

Sell a Home

Tim can give you a high level “what is my home worth” in today’s market, which will give you a guide on roughly what you could sell it for.  If you are closer to making a decision to sell, then Tim can provide a detailed analysis of your home in your hyper-local market.  This requires a visit to your home and will be based on features and condition of the home, location and local amenities and of course recent sales and the competition currently for sale.   This is deeper and more actionable than a generic Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA, that you will often see.  

Tim is always transparent with clients, and one of the documents you will receive up front is a net sheet.  A net sheet gives you a detailed estimate of all your selling and closing costs, including commissions.

Before you list your home for sale, you can review the marketing and presentation plan tailored to your specific home and the buyers you are targeting.  Once your home is listed  Tim will keep you informed of showings and feedback, and review all written offers with you.  The decisions are yours, Tim is here to advise and provide the best real estate representation ever.  

Sell a Second Home 

If you are not local to St Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area, you can still sell your home here stress free.  Tim can assist you the same as if you were local, and include you in the process with frequent updates.  He strives to make himself available by phone, text or video app and if not immediately available will typically respond within an hour during business hours 7 days a week.

Buy a Home 

Tim is a local Realtor with extensive experience and knowledge of Tampa Bay, St Petersburg, Bradenton and the Gulf Beaches.  He is teamed with a network of service providers in the area, providing expertise from lending to inspections to trades to cleaning and staging services.  

Different Buyers look for different levels of help.  Some buyers want a Realtor to send them up to the minute emails of homes coming onto the market, or to organize in person tours, or to research HOAs, or to estimate a home’s value before making an offer.  There are literally hundreds of areas a Realtor can help with in the buying process.  Every buyer is different and has different needs, Tim will listen to your requirements and provide the most stress free buying process possible.  

If you are looking to start your search from outside of the area, we can also setup virtual tours.  

Tim will strive to provide the best customer experience whether you are looking to buy or sell real estate in the Tampa Bay area.  He will go above and beyond to meet your goals, and make you feel confident referring friends, family and neighbors to him for years to come. 

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